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Welcome from
Tucson, AZ

picture of me 2010
Prior to my Subdural Hemorrhage in November of 2011, Web Pages of Businesses, Groups and people that I have enjoyed working with or I have worked for on their web sites. Basically, most of this ended when I was hospitalized for 2 month and lost a good deal of my memory. It's slowly returning, and, I am now working to reactivate my services soon.

Pima County Fair, 10 yr Pima County Fairgrounds, 8 yrs
Arizona Band Boosters, 1973 - University of Arizona Alumni Band, 5 yrs
Jack Gross Photos, 3 yrs Martin Photography, 2 yrs
Ken Sawyer - Artist, 2004 - Southwestern International Raceway, 3 yrs
Trails West Mobile Home Community, 4 yrs Tucson Meadows Mobile Home Community, 5 yrs
Albuquerque Meadows Mobile Home Community, 4 yrs Grand Missouri Mobile Home Community
El Toro Mobile Estates, 2 yrs Four Hills in Albuquerque, 1 yr
Plantation On The Lake, 1 yr Riverside Meadows, 1 yr
Royal Palms, 1 yr Marsats Satelite, 2 yrs
Sunny (Canadian), 2 yrs Lyric Band, 5 yrs, **
Spring Garden Band, 4 yrs, ** OLd Pueblo Brass Band, 2007 -
Pantano Vista Mobile Home Park, 2 yrs Far Horizons, 2 yrs
Far Horizons East, 1 yr Circle Saw<, 2 yrs
Grandma Tony's Pizza, 6 yrs The Gaslight Theatre, 8 yrs
Little Anthony's Diner, 5 yrs The Gaslight Print Shop, 3 yrs
The Gaslight Costume Shop, 2yrs Red Lion Band, 4 yrs **
Sheridan, 2 yrs My Cool Auto Plate, 1 yr
Desert Sunset Gallery, 3 yrs Tucson/Almaty Sister Cities
(Altay, Yerbolat, Bakdault), 5 yrs

** worked Web sites in conjuntion with Sheridan Lewis
Links highlighted are currently back with me.

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